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Ultra Magnus, Wrecker Commander of the Autobots, reporting for duty.

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Kate Mosse, Labyrinth
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Kate Mosse, Labyrinth

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Laini Taylor, Dreams of Gods & Monsters
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Laini Taylor, Dreams of Gods & Monsters


The REAL reason Ultra Magnus never gets any work done around the base.


KO giving a belly rub to a dinobot, requested by skie-dragon. This is ridiculous I have no excuse

Operation: MNAWP


"Yup, which is why we gotta break in and lock him in."

Out from his subspace came a small gadget he had taken the time to liberate from Shockwave’s lab. Wheeljack could have simply liberated the door control from the wall, but then Magnus would realize something was amiss. The key to being able to lock him in would be to catch him completely off guard. Any hint of irregularity, and the mech would be extra cautious.

Unraveling a wire from the side, he placed the end piece on the control where it was magnetically held in place. Pressing down a few buttons, he flipped a switch on it and the device started whining lowly. “This little gizmo is our ticket in. It’ll scramble up the circuits just long enough to…”

He trailed off right as the door swooshed open.

"…let us in~"

Yanking the cord, he wrapped it back up as he waltzed into Magnus’ quarters like they were his own. “Ya remember back in the good old days, don’t’cha, Bulk? Before all the slag happened?” He waved a servo around as if he could encompass the ‘slag’ that had happened between then and now. “Remember the nights? Inna nice big pile, rechargin’ away? Been a long time, eh?”

Surveying the room, he slowly turned back to Bulk, helm canted slightly in question. “Whadd’ya think? Good way to remind him?”


"Whoa whoa whoa. You wanna do a Wrecker pile? On Magnus?? Jackie, he’d kill us!" he said as he followed the Lancia inside the room.

It was a pretty good idea though. Talking to Magnus was always the best way to get to his head, but it wouldn’t exactly fix anything. Maybe this was the best way to do it.

Well only one way to find out. Bulkhead sighed.

"Alright Jackie. We’ll go for it. After all I can’t let ya do this by yourself. Wreckers gotta stick together!" he said giving the other a solid slap on the back. 

Now for the wait.

Several earth hours passed between the time the two Wreckers stepped inside foreign quarters and the inhabitant of said quarters made for occupy them.

Ultra Magnus’ day had consisted of various duties, ranging from working at the bridge with Optimus Prime and the self-pronounced leader of the Decepticons (Starscream), to wandering the warship and completing reports. He found the wandering of the ship to be the most relaxing; it have him time to contemplate on his own, without constant interruptions, or to not think at all and instead become enveloped in in the monotony.

He only returned to his assigned berthroom now because of social protocol, and even then he did not plan to recharge.

The door panels folded aside, the blue mech’s field slowly unfurling from its tight position against his frame from the majority of the solar cycle; it was one tiny way to relax. Almost instantly, he thought he felt something against the very edges — but that could very well be someone wandering the halls as he had, and he politely redacted his field, having paused in the doorway for a silent few kliks with optics narrowed before stepping forward.

Now to file his daily reports away and finish those that had yet to be completed….



{{ Oh yeah? Not really what I’m seein’. }}

{{ You do not witness my every action, Wheeljack. It is impossible for you to know what I do or do not do simply by what you see. }}



{{ Lot more to life than work, Chief. Maybe ya should sit an’ think on that. }}

{{ I do more things than work, Wheeljack. }}



{{ Inna manner o’ speakin’… You’re the one that needs the help, mech. }}

{{ I can assure you that I do not. My work for the solar cycle is near complete. I require no aid. }}

He was used to doing things by himself.



{{ Ha! Don’t think I’m the one that needs the help, Chief. }}

{{ Are you in the presence of someone that does? }}


i almost died of heatstroke and/or heart palpitations from making these. way too much hotness in one post whoooooweee

p.s. in case you’re like “wheeljack, megatron, wut?” it’s because i noticed that both Optimus and Magnus fight really well with bots they “hate” ;)