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Ultra Magnus, Wrecker Commander of the Autobots, reporting for duty.

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"Whatever the fraggin’ humans call it. Yer really gonna correct me over the datanet when I’m standin’ right ‘ere?"


"It was wrong, and needed to be corrected."

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Anonymous sent: Wheeljack/Ultra Magnus



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3x3 Ultra Magnus from Transformers Prime

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Published specially on Maljevac's request.
I need to finish the stuff I started half year ago. Sigh.
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Published specially on Maljevac's request.
I need to finish the stuff I started half year ago. Sigh.


Wheeljack was quite excited to show off the object clutched in his servo, and pulled it around in front of him with some effort. It really was just a stick tied to a rock, but for the youngling it was perfection unto itself. “It’s my new hammer! I made it all by myself an’ everything! Oh - no - Magoo helped me a little. The hammer part, um, kept fallin’ off.”

This was admitted with an abashed look, before the present caught up with his young mind. He wondered briefly where his best friend had managed to get off to, but maybe he had decided to play the bad guy this time? Or, or maybe he was hiding and it was his job to save him from the evil things? He and the super hero bot could do it together!

"Do you wanna play, mister? Me an’ Magoo were gonna go on an adventure an’ save peoples, but I think he decided he wanted to be saved this time, so we gotta find him an’ save ‘im from evil! Ya wanna, right? Ya can use my hammer if ya want!"

Ultra Magnus looked down at the little roughly-made hammer as if it were the most important object in the world — and for the little Wheeljack, it probably was. “You both did an excellent job,” he complimented. He wondered who this ‘Magoo’ was; oddly, the name seemed almost familiar, as if he’d been referred to by it before, but if so, that had been a long, long time ago.

If Wheeljack said he had been with a friend, where was this friend now? Would he possibly be on the Nemesis, as well, or would he be back wherever Wheeljack belonged? Wherever the tiny mechling disappeared to when he as not here? It was obvious that the place was safe and that he received proper attention and fuel, otherwise he would not be so endlessly cheerful…

"I will help find him," Ultra Magnus agreed, optics relaying the smile he did not give with his lip components. "Thank you for the suggestion, but I have my own hammer now. I can hold onto yours for you, however. It looks heavy." Best to keep it simple, and with the tiny Wheeljack involved, it was also best to keep the search a game. The Commander did not want to upset the little bot.

mechlingwheeljack sent: Clad in a makeshift cape, the small white mechling appears around the corner. Clutched in one servo is a stick of some sort, with what appears to be a rather large rock tied to it. It's just big enough that Wheeljack has to drag it behind him, little grunts of effort leaving him as he plodded along. Suddenly noticing the larger bot, his optics brightened and a happy trill announced his presence. "Hey, hey, Mr. Super Hero! It me again!"

Ultra Magnus’ pedesteps paused immediately upon hearing the voice of the mechling, and he turned to its source, taking in the cape and object trailing behind him.

"Hello, Wheeljack," he said, then glanced around. Just like the last time he had encountered the little mechling, no one was to be seen.

"What do you have there?" he asked, carefully kneeling so as to see the little one better. Tiny Wheeljack seemed just as enthusiastic — and bent on referring to him as a ‘super hero’, whatever that was — has he had the last time they’d met.


A small twitch of his winglets was the only outward reaction to the thank you before he waved it off casually. It was still rather odd to hear those words out of Magnus’ mouth given how often a lecture fell from it instead - not that he didn’t deserve some of them - most of them. That thought left an odd feeling behind, as well. It was more amusement than anger or resentment, two chief emotions he had always fallen back on when dealing with Magnus.

The next question stretched his grin a little further, and like the first, he answered it with action instead of words. Sauntering by the Commander - and there could be no other word for how casually he moved past - he approached the pilot’s chair and claimed it as if it were his own. Settling down nicely, he kicked his pedes up onto the console in front of him and waved to the other mech since most of his form was blocked by the back of the seat.

"Just needed a good place to nap, Chief. Ya don’t mind, right?" He twisted enough to peek around the side. One optic ridge was canted higher in question, as if it were perfectly normal for one to waltz onto someone else’s ship to do such a thing.

For Wheeljack, it was.

Ultra Magnus didn’t understand. He didn’t understand, and in his lack of understanding, assumptions were made — false ones at that — as to the motivations behind actions that extended beyond the realm of the norm. Why did Wheeljack want to be so close to him rather than send verbal barbs and get as far away as physically possible? Why didn’t Wheeljack leave upon the earliest opportunity and leave the Commander to his shame, to spread it among the others? It was something the blue mech wouldn’t put past him…

Why, why, why, why — all left unanswered and unattended. Ultra Magnus’ thoughts and opinions regarding Wheeljack’s actions didn’t matter; they wouldn’t change what they truly were. He was to be left in the dark, fumbling for familiarity when there was none.

Guarded optics watched Wheeljack’s every move, unsurprised when Wheeljack seemingly ignored the question and settled into the blue mech’s seat. Ultra Magnus felt the urge to tell him that the console was not meant for pedes, but realized that the suggestion was futile. Wheeljack was not the sort to listen to him.

"I would prefer if you leave… However, you are in need of recharge far more than myself. I will depart."

Optics met Wheeljack’s, then turned away as he did, his slow stride echoing in the confined space before he reached the lift and paused. A single glance backwards was made before a button was pressed; he descended below the ship, pedes carrying him away as the lift hissed back up into place in his wake. Ultra Magnus had other things to do which could be accomplished elsewhere — remove the residue left behind from the sticker, finish a few reports, keep to himself for the few hours before dawn…

Wheeljack was alone now, has he had not doubt wanted to begin with.

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As soon as Ultra Magnus turned towards him, Orion stood a little taller and remembered the lessons of the past; he was a capable bot at his job, and quick to command some decorum of respect. Although still a civilian, Orion had begun to learn how to contribute to this militarized way of life.

"The Nemesis’ mainframe has begun to suffer due to neglect. The Decepticons do not have adequate personnel to tend to our facilities alone. We really do require the assistance of the Autobots, particularly in regards to our deteriorating computer systems. The engines also require maintenance, and the navigation sensors are out of alignment. We are unable to safely go into the levels were these core systems are located, and only have auxiliary access. We need the skills and protection of the Autobots now, more than ever."

As soon as the lengthy statement had been given, Orion stood in the atmosphere that followed his words, and felt the pressure of vacuous silence. He knew that the Commander was the bot formally in charge of the Autobots.

As Orion spoke, Ultra Magnus’ optical ridges furrowed; he had not realized that the recent losses to the Decepticon forces had resulted in such disrepair upon the warship. He could already foresee where some added efforts from the Autobots could be contributed; however, he knew that it was both imperative for the troops — and Orion — to be included the the decision, as well as for Ultra Magnus to receive insights he might not have otherwise.

With a small nod of his helm, he looked to Orion and said, ”Do you have a proposition of how to correct these issues via Autobot assistance?”

Operation: MNAWP


Wheeljack had kept vigilant by the door, just out of sight as they waited. He and Bulkhead had gone a bit more in detail about what needed to happen, which amounted to basically making sure the mech could not leave. It had taken some creative pursuasion on his part as Bulkhead kept waffling between agreeing and worrying over what Magnus would do. In the scheme of things, though, keeping the Commander in was the easy part.

Getting him on the berth?

Eh… well, they could always bodily drag him over there. Between the pair of them, he was confident they could, and if worse came to worse, they could always just use the floor. Primus knew the entire group had utilized floor space far more than any true berth. As for the concerns of how he would react… probably negatively until they got him pinned down. Frag, they might even wind up visiting the brig for a few days, but Wheeljack considered it worth it.

All it took was one real good reminder, right?

The sound of the door brought him out of his thoughts, and he flattened himself against the wall as the mech paused in the doorway. Sheer willpower kept him from reacting to the accidental brush of fields, his own snapping back tight to his plating. Had he noticed…? He glanced at Bulkhead on the other side, a tense moment passing between them before Magnus finally stepped inside and let the door swoosh shut behind him.


Stepping sideways in front of the door and waving Bulkhead to do the same, a grin spread across his face as he hit the override to lock them all in until morning. The tell tale click and locking of gears preceded him as he announced their presence.

"Yo, Chief, we’ve been waitin’ fer ya."


With the lock of the door behind their commander, Bulk knew it was too late to back out. Honestly he was still a bit upset with how they planned to do it, even though he knew this was how Wreckers did it. 

He had to admit that even though he wasn’t too enthused about what he and Wheeljack were doing, he was happy with the plan at the same time. It had been a while since he had been a part of a good Wrecker pile, so it would be a great memory to relive.

Still though, Ultra Magnus was going to scrap them both for this. But he would go along with it.

"It’s uh…good ta see ya Magnus," he said unsure of what he should say.

The shifting of gears drew the Wrecker Commander’s attention first; he felt himself stiffen instantly, and two steps were taken to turn from his berth to the door—

…. Wait. Why were Wheeljack and Bulkhead inside his quarters?

The shock that filtered through his systems upon the discovery was only evident on his faceplates for a fraction of a second before the expression fractured into anger. His field bristled with it, barely brushing past Bulkhead before jabbing harshly at Wheeljack as the white mech became his central focus.

Bulkhead would never do something like this without Wheeljack’s interference.


And just like the last time he’d spoken the word, Ultra Magnus felt the urge to strike the white Wrecker — this time, however, he was able to hold himself in check, the rage only physically evident in a small, nearly unnoticeable shake of his clenched servos — as he stepped forward with slow intent.

"What is the meaning of this? I did not authorize your entry of my personal quarters, soldier.”

The barb was dropped intentionally, in the hopes that it would force Wheeljack to leave. Now was supposed to be his time alone, away from everyone and everything in his smallest of attempts to relax. instead, he was trapped — and with one mech who made it nearly impossible for him to do so, with the second mech tagging along because Wheeljack had said so, no doubt.

"Unlock the doors and leave. Now."